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Magnificoat brings walls to life, each wall is artistically designed and we do so with great pride and enjoyment. You have an endless range of unique finishes to choose, from high gloss, polished plaster, smooth, veined, waxed, metallic, textured finishes, stencils, patterned, and even finishes for wet rooms. 



With a full range of products and finishes in any colour you can imagine, there are countless options available to create your own unique artistic design into bespoke reality.  


With so many options available it can be hard to make a final decision when it comes to choosing venetian plaster whether it be for your walls, floor, ceiling or even a designer bar top. So why not organise a meeting with us at the applicArt venetian showroom in Lancashire, its anextensive two storey purpose built studio showcasing the finest Italian Polished Plaster and Spanish Micro Cement floor finishes. The design of the studio is displayed through various room settings including a cocktail bar, wet room, Tv/Lounge area, Mini Japanese restaurant, reception area and much more. We work very closely with applicArt, from purchasing all of our venetian materials to learning about new techniques on there training courses. 

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